Southern Star Medical Group

Health and Care, We do both.

About Southern Star Medical Group

Established in 2010, Southern Star has been providing high quality medical care for the Hattiesburg greater metropolitan area. We provide medical care in a hospital setting as well as in an outpatient clinic setting. That means one doctor for inpatient and outpatient settings. This allows us have a thorough understanding of your medical condition.

Self Pay Fees

New Patient

$180 We offer limited blood work which includes CBC, CMP, liver and cholesterol test once with initial self pay, new patient visit

Follow Up w/ Physician Assistant

$68 Follow up appointment with Physician assistant

Follow Up

$80 Follow up visit with MD
We are unable to publish out of pocket fee for insured patient, due to the complex fee schedule for each insurance plan.


  • Dr. K. & his staff are very attentive to my medical needs. He does a thorough bodily assessment. The check-in time to actual seeing the doctor are quickly. I highly recommend this clinic.

    Lawrence B

  • I am Gail Dunham and stumble upon Dr. K. by accident. I'd been sick for 8 years. First visit he did blood work, asked tons of questions and felt of my abdomen, legs, arms. Etc. Did I mention he asked tons of questions. He listened to me. I was one of his last patients for they day. I was there about 30 to 40 minutes AFTER closing. Still asking questions and listening to me. To make a long story short-- HE called me the next day (and that hadn't been the only time since either). Said he wanted to see me in the office today. I tried every thing I could think of even telling a lie- to get out of it. I left work and went in. He said he suspected liver and kidney damage. He would need a biopsy to confirm. Set one of for the next day. I had liver failure. Where 10 other dr.s said I had mental issues. I've been evaluated sine. I am not crazy and have papers to prove it. Without his help(and the Man upstairs- Which Dr. k gives credit too) I would not still be here. in my opinion, he is not only the best, but the only Dr in Hattiesburg. I could write a book about it him. If you or no dr can tell you what is wrong with you, he can. Or he will study, call other drs all over the world. He will not stop till you are better if it's not to late.

    Gail Dunham

  • I like Dr k office because the doctor and his staff is wonderful and treat you like family.

    Moo J

  • Dr K goes above and beyond to take care and listen to his patients. I have been seeing him for 5 yrs would recommend to everyone his staff is wonderful they help you every way they can. Dr K is the best bye far. When I started seeing him when no one else would listen Dr K did and found out what was wrong and helped me thank you Dr K and your staff

    Tammie Breazeale

  • I've had a great experience with my doctor and his staff they were very helpful my doctor took his time and explained my medical condition to me and made appointment for me to continue to get the medical treatment I need

    Martha B